Spam Ramble

It’s strange how the penis-enlargment and viagra spams find me so easily. I DON’T HAVE A FREAKING DICK spambots!!!

Sometimes, I wonder if this is due to anything on my end though… O.o I’m pretty sure my computer’s porn free T.T… Ahh well, I guess I’ll have to chalk it up to another mystery of life…?

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It Wasn’t My Fault… This Time Anyways…

When I don’t put in any extra energy to pay attention, my brain tends to skip over things and pay attention with the smallest amount of effort possible. This eventually leads to me mishearing or misreading this very often. While it can be funny (since the words I accidentally substitute end up making sense grammatically, it sounds like a game of ad-libs) the first few times, it can get very frustrating to the other party when I can’t get the correct message after that…

However – very rarely – it’s not my fault. Really. Pinky swear…

Today, my dad asked if I wanted to go watch “Messhiah” at some church. I was understandably confused: It sounded like a hybrid of “Macy ya” (It’s Macy’s) and “Myut shi ya” (What time is it?). He elaborated saying something about a festival, singing, and general fun for the night. (Un)Understandably, I thought of something like a winter festival with lots and lots of Christmas lights. When I asked him exactly what this “Messhiah” was, he gasped incredulously (in a manly manner of course), “You don’t know what ‘Messhiah’ is?” while not so subtly implying, “What’s wrong with you?!”

I kept contemplating about what in the world “Messhiah” was, because it must be pretty famous for my dad to have acted like that.

Many hours later: OOOH!!! Messiah!!! (dad = fobby Asian accent = skewered word) *facepalm*

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For Those of You With Too Much Time on Your Hands…

… and bored out of your mind, here are some random DIY projects that I think would be fun to do but can’t since I don’t have the time or energy to spare…

Legend of Zelda fans: Make a Clay Ocarina

Little late for Halloween Decorations, but it’s kinda too cool to not put on this list

Some other fall related stuff

Not just for little kids

What to do with old gloves (mod it at you own convenience…)

For people slightly more “artistically inclined” (and no., you do not have to be 6 or under)

😀 😀 😀 I kind of want to do a modification of this and make asian board games on it… XD. Sadly, this goes under “too much effort” because of the level of detail required for the games I have in mind…

WHEE!!! Journal making/book binding

This was really cool XD

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I Think My Dad May Possibly be Lying to Me (and I Think I Might be Okay with it)

When I was in elementary school, my school used a few hours to get us briefly acquainted with the D.A.R.E. program. If you don’t know what this happens to be, click here (Aunt Becky cracks me up AND does a thorough job of explaining what the program is). However, some key differences between my school and hers is that we didn’t get the magical box, we didn’t get to learn about anything but the cons of tobacco and alcohol use (probably because the drugs topic was not “kid-safe” enough for us 2nd? graders), and we got free pencils – which for underprivileged kiddies wasn’t such a bad deal.

What I remember out of this experience is learning that smoking is bad for you O_O (No way! *sarcasm* Ahh, what a little naive child I was back then…). Pretty much, the cop scared me into thinking that all smokers get lung cancer in a few years and drop dead like a bunch of flies. Since my dad was a smoker, I was – understandably – scared for him. When I got home, I asked him to stop smoking.

He agreed.

I never saw him smoking again.

However, as the years slowly passed by, I noticed a few inconsistencies: He had a lighter with him almost everywhere (aka his car and the little drawer that is the only thing that is “solely his” in the house thanks to a matriarchal family), and (mostly) empty cigarette boxes popped up in “his areas” (the car + drawer) once in a few years (Wow I am a nosy child >o<). He also smelled of cigarette smoke almost every night I saw him.

The lighter and smell could easily be explained – his coworkers all smoke and the customers for his company do as well – but the boxes are what triggered this suspicion that’s been growing all these years.

I do acknowledge the fact that he has never lied to me (Santa Claus doesn’t count). If he has, he hasn’t been caught yet. He’s only broken one or two promises, which is more than I can say for my mother. I know I can just ask him point-blank and I’ll receive a “Yes” or a “No”, but I’m afraid to ask him because truthfully, I don’t want to know the answer. Whichever answer I get, something’s going to change.

Yes – Trust dies. My suspicions were right.

No – Not only am I not sure if my suspicions will even be laid to rest, but he’ll think that I don’t trust him. </3 for both of us XoX

I guess I’ll just have to deal with it and pray that his cause of death be 40+ years in the future and not cancer based… >.< Right?

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I HATE being jetlagged. My loss of energy, random bouts of sleepiness, and lack of “normal” sleeping hours (not that my normal sleeping hours are anywhere near “normal” to most) is slowly killing me inside. I wish jetlag could (and would) turn into a giant smoldering pile of goo… along with the entire world mosquito population, acne, and allergies…

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Why Most Women Don’t Trust Most Men to Take Care of the House

Happy turkey slaughter day!!!

When my mother and I got back from our 3 week trip, we noticed some things about the house.

1) My dog seems to have lost a significant amount of weight.
He has been fed, but he seems to have missed us a lot. That, and a lot of the time, he’s lost his food to the ants (ants love coming back inside our home no matter how many xenocides we attempt to pull off. The only perk about is that I’ve heard they’re annoying enough to chase cockroaches away. From the 5+ years we’ve lived in that house, it seems to have been proven true).

2) There’s a strange smell lingering in the house. Then again, that can be attribuited to the fact that my dog’s bladder control went away with his youth… XoX

3) The cable box and the internet died… Urk. That meant no TV or internet, which is pretty much the main activities of the household that don’t involve eating or defecating… we live in an area with no free TV. Grr… (Now fixed ^.^ but still…)

4) When mother inspected the kitchen, she concluded that the main staples eaten while we were gone were ramen… and ramen. =.=

5) The mail stack was a mile high. At least he checked the mail?

Need I list more?

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The Current State of Affairs in my Life

Mini warning: Sorry for the bad formatting? I couldn’t figure out how this was supposed to work…

– Stupid things that sounded so much smarter than they did inside of my head:

  • Trying to skip prerequisites for college courses I need to take by cramming them the month before I go to college… (Ugh! Soo not looking forward to December)
  • Planning on learning the fine arts of baduk (igo, go, weiqi, whatever else you call it) and haircutting skills while trying to cram in said courses… What the hell was I thinking?

– Meeting family members after a couple of years:

  • They enjoy spoiling me too much (and I like being spoiled WAY too much).
  • Awkward much? Apparently, awkward silences aren’t a bad way to bond… ^.^

– Addictions:

  • The Internet (is really, really great… for —)
  • Manga – I’ve gone back on a reading spree again after a 2 year hiatus of only keeping up with series I liked… Ugh! (and doing this on really slow internet = not well advised)
  • Reading blogs and fanfiction. Note to self: Start reading real books again soon… after you finish attempting the stupid things you’re planning on doing (look above).
  • EATING!!! Korea and Japan have WAAY too much good food (and sweets).
  • Sweets… Cake, chocolate, ice cream, waffles, gelato, crepes… Mmmmm… At least I don’t have to worry about my weight since dorm food will probably end up auto-starving me…
  • Cosplaying… This is a recent thing that seems to love sucking money from me… and time… but mostly money… XoX

– Things that I’ve never done:

  • Illegal drugs
  • Gotten drunk (though I have drank before..? Meh. Unless someone sweetens my drink so I taste nothing but the sugar, I probably won’t get drunk… My dad’s tolerance, which I seem to have received, is not that low).
  • Had sex, had a boyfriend, or gone on a date (Ookay… This is a bit sad, no?) *wallows in self pity*
  • Gotten kissed by someone after I started school that wasn’t 20+ years older than me.
    • Nursery = the adults thought that me + this boy were “cute together”, so now, I have a picture of one of us kissing the other on the cheek
    • A lot of adults, especially old people, seem to like getting kissed on the cheek by little girls that they think are “adorable”… I’m kind of glad I grew out of that age where they can ask (pressure) me to do so
    • Sadly, this doesn’t work for my dad since it’s… my dad… XoX
    • My mother still enjoys landing kisses on me… Why, I’m not sure.
  • Been to Europe, Australia, South America, Africa, or Antarctica
  • Been skydiving or bungee jumping

– I feel like I’m forgetting things

  • And I know I am…

– I seem to remember my strange dreams more and more often

  • Crap. Put this under things I’m forgetting… XoX (But when I DID remember them earlier, they were quite strange… and involved a trip to Argentina with a friend in order to do something vitally important like save the world – does that mean I should cut back on the RPGs or that the world’s screwed since I don’t remember this dream..?) 
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